Welcome to AmSignature Priority Banking

We Understand and Recognise your Aspiration.

Each of us has a unique signature – a personal trademark that represents our personality and individuality. Understanding each customer as an individual with unique dreams and aspirations is at the heart of AmSignature Priority Banking. We provide more than just an account – we provide a relationship that works and evolves with you.

Discover what it means to be an AmSignature Priority Banking Customer.

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Bringing you the Service and Support you Deserve.

The financial world is constantly moving and evolving. We furnish you with the latest global market research, market commentaries and financial news to help you make better investment decisions. Above that, your membership also allows you to conduct your banking in privacy and comfort at AmSignature Priority Banking centres nationwide, and at ANZ Signature Priority Banking Centres across Asia Pacific.

Connecting you to regional opportunities. We are where you want to be.

Our extensive network via our strategic partnership with ANZ accords you unique insight into the markets where our affiliates operate. With operations in 32 countries via our ANZ connectivity, we are able to offer you access to key growth markets and help you connect with people locally and globally.

Banking has Never Been Easier.

Your membership to AmSignature Priority Banking also grants you access to extensive network of ANZ Signature Priority Banking centres across Asia Pacific. With it you can:


  • Tap into the expertise of AmBank Group’s family of strategic partners – ANZ, friends Provident and Insurance Australia Group.
  • Choose a wide range of innovative banking, wealth and investment solutions ranging from Dual Currency Investment, Foreign Currency Account, Award-wining Unit Trust Funds and a variety of other offerings to meet your financial needs.
  • Have pre-departure account opening and overseas financing made easier through the Signature Priority Banking network.
  • Have access to award-wining 24/7 contact centres including an extensive branch network nationwide, weekend banking, online and mobile phone banking for your convenience and security.


Our Role in the Community.

Corporations are at their best when they use their resources and strengths to heed the needs of the community through positive efforts. AmBank believes in this and has embarked on various programs to give back to society.

  • We introduce innovative solutions and services that deliver greater value and development to the banking industry.
  • We contribute to the wellbeing of the needy and underprivileged by participating in various community programmes.
  • We show responsibility toward our staff by empowering them to take on greater responsibility and to aim for success in their jobs by rewarding them with incentives and recognition.
  • We are responsible toward the environment by practicing the 3Rs – Reduce wastage, Reuse resources and Recycle our materials.

Rewards & Privileges

AmSignature Priority Banking is an insignia that is synonymous with class, excellence and exclusivity. As a member of the elite few, you are accorded with preferential treatment to reward you for the privileged life you lead.

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Be The First to Master the Art of Wealth Management

To help you stay ahead in the area of wealth management, receive priority invitations to exclusive AmSignature Priority Banking investment seminars.

Preferential rates are your privilege*.

As an AmSignature Priority Banking customer, you enjoy preferential rates and waiver of fees and charges on selected banking transactions that reward you for your loyalty.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please check with your Relationship Manager for more details.

Look forward to festive surprises*.

Complimentary treat from AmSignature Priority Banking makes your festive celebrations merrier.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please check with your Relationship Manager for more details.

Your banking comes with priority parking*.

At AmSignature Priority Banking Centres, priority parking spots are available for your banking convenience.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please check with your Relationship Manager for more details.

A dedicated AmSignature Priority Banking Relationship Team

Your Relationship Manager is backed by a team of investment specialists who are dedicated to provide you with complete financial advise and assistance. Whether it’s planning your savings, investments and retirement or financing your many pursuits in life, everything is tailored to your unique needs and those of your loved ones from every stage of your life.

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Market Commentaries at Your Fingertips

Receive regular market commentaries and financial news to keep you abreast with the latest market developments. At AmSignature Priority Banking, we provide you with up-to-date global market research that enables you to make better investment decisions.

Exclusive Events

Receive invitations to exclusive AmSignature Priority Banking lifestyle events and investment seminars. We cater our events to suit your need and help you stay updated.

Banking Exclusively at AmSignature and ANZ Signature Priority Banking Centres

At AmSignature Priority Banking Centres, you can discuss your portfolio with your Relationship Manager, review market reports, or simply savour a cup of coffee as you contemplate your next financial move. All in complete privacy and comfort. Above all, your membership also grants you access to ANZ’s network of Signature Priority Banking Centres across Asia Pacific.

AmSignature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card

Begin your journey to a world of luxury with the AmSignature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card.

When it comes to the pleasures of life, you can expect nothing less than the absolute best in travel, dining indulgences, golf and other exclusive treats.

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Travelling in Style

Time, comfort and convenience are priorities when you travel. AmSignature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card has been designed to make your journey pleasant and rewarding.

Read on to discover what else your Card has in store for you.

Enjoy Immigration Fast Track Services.

Breeze through immigration at 280 international airports worldwide. Upon arrival, you will be met at the aerobridge and escorted through immigration, eliminating unnecessary delay and allowing you to arrive at your destination unfrazzled.

Sit back and savour all that a private airport lounge has to offer.

Remove yourself from the buzz of activity that surrounds airport transit. Enjoy the privacy, comfort and light refreshment at Plaza Premium Lounges at 13 international airports.

Frequent Flyer / Travel Reward Programme

Be rewarded with AmBonus Points which are redeemable against your preferred Frequent Flyer/Travel Reward Programme.

You will have a selection of more than 50 airlines to choose from.

Get Rewarded for Shopping Overseas

Shopping overseas with your Card is truly rewarding, as it gives you great discounts, and earns you 5X AmBonus Points.

Peace of mind when you travel.

Enjoy automatic travel insurance protection up to RM2 million when you charge your flight tickets to your Card. The coverage covers both loss and delayed luggage, as well as missed flight connection or delayed flight.

Financial Solution and Services customized just for you

At AmSignature Priority Banking, we understand your ever-changing needs and financial goals at different stages of your life.

We will bring to you a suite of wealth management products and services that caters to your unique financial needs according to your risk appetite and priorities in recommending and building a portfolio with optimal balance of savings, wealth creation, preservation, protection and retirement planning.

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Everyday Banking

As an essential basis of a complete banking experience, our financial solutions for everyday banking includes:


  • Current and Savings Accounts.
  • Foreign Currency Accounts.
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Auto and Home Financing


Current and Savings Accounts

Enjoy banking convenience and attractive interest rates on your deposit balances.

Foreign Currency Accounts

Enjoy flexibility of having your current account denominated in major currencies. You may opt to receive a daily, weekly or monthly e-statement detailing the records of your account to help you manage your finances better.

Fixed Deposits

Our local and foreign currency fixed deposits offer you attractive interest rates in a wide choice of currencies and tenures to suit your individual preferences.

Auto and Home Financing

Enjoy preferential interest rates and fast track application approval.


Select from our wide range of investment products designed to meet your investment needs:


  • Dual Currency Investments
  • Equity Linked Investments
  • Unit Trust
  • Stocks


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Equity Linked Investments

A short-term investment product designed for sophisticated investors. The investment is a structured product with an embedded derivative linked to the performance of an underlying stock. Upon maturity of product, you will receive your principal plus returns, either in cash or shares at the pre-agreed price, depending on the closing price of the underlying stock at maturity.


  • Potentially higher returns than ordinary fixed deposits
  • Choice of stocks to suit your investment view, risk appetite and return requirement
  • Short-term investment – tenure is typically 1 to 6 months
  • Suitable for investors who have neutral or moderately bullish views on the underlying stock over the investment tenure for equities and selected exchange traded funds


Dual Currency Investments

The financial world is constantly moving and evolving. To keep you up-to-date, we furnish you with the latest global market research, market commentaries and financial news to help you make better investment decisions.

  • A currency pairing namely the base currency and an alternate currency
  • Various tenures (1 week to 3 months)
  • Conversion rate that you are comfortable with (Pre-determined on the investment start date)



  • Potentially enhanced returns as compared to traditional fixed deposits
  • Diversification in your investment portfolio
  • Individually tailored to meet your specific market views and is designed for investors with exposure to more than one Currency


Unit Trust

Gain access to a wide range of unit trusts, which are professionally managed by some of the top fund houses.

Investing in mutual funds allow you to diversify your portfolio with a minimum investment, where you can match your personal goals and risk profile by selecting one or a combination of funds.


Stocks can be a smart choice to grow the value of your portfolio and generate income. With AmSignature Priority Banking, you can leverage on our knowledgeable and experienced Relationship Manager to further optimize your investment.