Dear Valued Customers,

The AmBank Targeted Repayment Assistance Programme is aimed at assisting our customers from the B40, M40 and micro enterprises segment who have suffered job loss or income reduction arising from COVID-19, and require financial assistance for their monthly financing payments.

This is in line with the recent Budget announcement made by the Finance Minister on the enhancement of the Targeted Repayment Assistance for the B40 and M40 customers and micro enterprises.

We do understand these are still challenging times and AmBank would like to assure you that we will continue to assist you in meeting your payment obligations.

If you would like to request for Targeted Repayment Assistance, please provide us your details by completing and submitting the form here.

Our team will contact you on your request.

Under the Targeted Repayment Assistance Programme, we are also offering help to our eligible AmBank / AmBank Islamic cardholders. Click here for details.

For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (ENG | BM).

Click here to calculate the accrued interest/profit charged during Payment Holidays for your account.
Mortgage Accrued Interest/Profit Calculator

Use this simple mortgage calculator to calculate the accrued interest/profit charged during Payment Holidays.
*Note: This calculator is applicable for Daily Rest Home Loan/Financing-i and Daily Rest Commercial Property Loan/Financing-i only.

Please note this is only a general estimate and for illustration purpose.

Accrued Interest/Profit charged during Payment Holidays
= Loan/Financing Balance Amount  X  (Interest Rate%/number of days in a year)  X  Total number of days during Payment Holidays
= 300000 X (3.50%/365days) X 90 days

Loan/Financing Balance Amount(RM) 300000
Interest/Profit Rate (% per annum) 3.50
Payment Holidays Start Date 01/01/2021
Payment Holidays End Date 31/03/2021
Total Accrued Interest/Profit(RM) 2589.04


Loan/Financing Balance Amount(RM)
Numbers only (ie : 300000.01)
Interest/Profit Rate (% per annum)
Maximum 2 decimal points (ie : 3.05 / 3.50 / 3.0)
Payment Holidays Start Date
Date Formatting is DD/MM/YYYY
For IE Only : Date formatting is YYYY/MM/DD
Payment Holidays End Date
Date Formatting is DD/MM/YYYY
For IE Only : Date formatting is YYYY/MM/DD
Total Accrued Interest/Profit(RM)


For any enquiries, customers can reach us via email at or at +603 2178 8888 or visit our nearest branch.

Thank you for banking with us.