Open a Business Current Account Digitally

Need a new Business Current Account but not convenient to head to our branch? No worries!

Introducing Malaysia’s first fully end-to-end Digital Account Opening for SMEs!

If you are an SME, you can now open a Business Current Account from anywhere you are, anytime of the day, on the AmAccess Biz App!

This process is simple, secure and there is no need to visit any bank branch! How? Just visit

Convenience is in the palm of your hand, and enables you to open and manage all your banking needs digitally!


Simple. Secure. Seamless.

Who can open a Business Current Account online?

All SMEs that fulfil the following criteria are eligible to open a Business Current Account via AmAccess Biz:

  • Incorporated in Semenanjung Malaysia (registered with SSM)
  • For Private Limited/Partnership, the number of Directors/Partners must be less than or equal to four (4)
  • The owner or all the Directors/Partners of the company are MyKad holders*
    *New MyKad issued since January 2012 with 80k chip.

How to open a Business Current Account?

Visit, click on "Open An Account Now" and follow the steps.
Download the AmAccess Biz app from your phone's app store.
Scan your MyKad and you are done!

To help guide you better and how seamless and easy it is, check out a video we put together for you below:


Only Private Limited companies are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Company Statutory Declaration
  2. Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation (Borang 9/ Form 9/ Section 17)
    Certified true copy of Notice of Registration (Section 15)


So hurry, open your Business Current Account digitally, today.

Click here to open an Account