Hedge your FX rate now with Foreign Exchange Contract Line

Minimise the risk of FX rate fluctuations for your business with AmBank’s Foreign Exchange Contract Line (FECL).


  • NO COLLATERAL REQUIRED for forex amount up to RM500,000*
  • Contract tenure up to 6 months
  • Competitive FX rates

*No collateral requirement applies to existing lending customers only.


How does it work?

Customer (Eg: An importer) enters into a FX Forward Contract, with three (3) months tenure to buy USD500,000 for import payable.

Scenario: Calculated Forward Rate

Spot Rate USD/MYR on 15 Sep 20xx


3 months Swap Points^


Forward Rate^^ USD/MYR on 15 Dec 20xx


Net effect: On 15 December 20xx, customer pays MYR2,094,000 to buy USD500,000 at the rate of 4.1880.
^Swap Points is the interest differential between two currencies.
^^Forward Rate = Spot Rate +/- Swap Points


How to apply?

Speak to our Customer Service Executive at your nearest AmBank Branch to know more, or call 03-2178 3188 for further assistance.

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