iPay88 is a Regional Online & Retail Payment Gateway company. Having an online business can be rewarding and exciting, but can also expose your business to credit card fraud risks. A payment gateway allow merchants to process credit, debit and other online alternative payments. iPay88 is giving SMEs an excellent platform to manage online transactions efficiently in order to ensure that your business run smoothly and safely.

A retail business requires quick adaptation to the latest payment trends.iPay88 is a payment company that offers innovative solutions to accept major e-wallet payments in one devices. It’s a fast and secure way to offer the convenience of multiple payment methods to your customers and also ease the operations of your business.

With the AmBank BizM.A.T.E programme, you will enjoy the following exclusive offers:

1. Up to 30% discount on annual maintenance fee & set up cost for Online Payment Gateway Services:

Normal Fees AmBank Exclusive
Corporate Plans
One-time set up fee RM 2,500 RM 1,750
Annual maintenance fee RM 1,200 RM 840
SME/Start Up Plans
​One-time set up fee ​RM 488​ ​​RM 340
​Annual maintenance fee​ ​​RM 600 ​RM 420


2. RM 188 one-time set up fee waived & reduced transaction charges of up to 0.2%

​Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) per transaction Normal Fees AmBank Exclusive
AliPay ​​1.5% ​1.4%
GrabPay ​1.3% 1.2%​
​Touch N’ Go ​​1.2% 1.0%​
WeChat Pay ​1.5%​ ​​1.3%
​V-Cash1.3 ​1.2% ​1.0%
​​Union Pay QR ​1.6% ​1.5%



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