MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS


1. What is MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS?

MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS is an integrated global ATM network that allows the cardholders to access their saving, current or credit card account when they are traveling overseas.
Cardholders will be able to make cash withdrawal and balance enquiries at ATMs displaying the MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS logo worldwide.

2. Who can use MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS facilities?

International cardholders bearing MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS logo.

3. What are the services available?

Cash withdrawal and balance enquiry only.​

4. What do customers need to do before they can use MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS facilities?

Some cardholders may require activating their ATM or Credit Card for overseas usage through their issuing bank depending on the procedures of each card’s issuing institution prior to using their ATM or Credit Card for MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS.

5. How much can a customer withdraw using these facilities?

The withdrawal limit follows cardholders’ card limit with their card issuing institution.​

6. What will be the currency rate for cash withdrawal and balance enquiries?

The currency conversion rates will be based on MasterCard Cirrus/Visa PLUS conversion rates and will be a standard rate across all participating banks in Malaysia.