Improvement of Terms & Conditions


1. I received a notification from the Bank regarding the improvement to the terms & conditions. What is the purpose of this?

The Bank is applying the principles of fair treatment to all financial consumers in the Non-Individual loan/financing contracts by enhancing the reasonability and transparency of the terms & conditions.

2. Is the improvement in the terms and conditions applicable to both conventional and Islamic product?


3. How does this improvement benefit me as a customer of the Bank?

Customers will get a better understanding on the improved terms and conditions which emphasise on plain language, disclosure transparency and sufficient safeguarded.

4. When will the improved terms and conditions take effect?

The improved terms and conditions for the Non-Individual loan/financing contracts takes effect from Friday, 6 November 2020.

The effective dates for other products will be notified in due course.

5. Am I required to sign a new or supplementary document related to the improved terms & condition?

No, all existing terms and conditions remain unchanged, but the fair treatment will be observed based on the principles of the improved terms and conditions.

6. Does this impact my existing contract?

There will be no changes on the existing terms and conditions of your loan/financing contract.

7. Can I get a copy of the improved terms and conditions?

Customers may request for a copy of the improved terms and conditions via email. Kindly email to or visit

8. Do I have to pay any additional fees, charges or stamping fee arising from the improved terms and conditions?

No, there are no additional fees and charges.

9. If I have any queries in the future, who should I call?

You may either refer to e-AmBiz Contact Centre at 03-2178 3188, email to or you may contact your Relationship Manager for details.