Open eFlex/-i Account via AmOnline


1. What is eFlex Savings Account/eFlex Savings Account-i?

It is a deposit product that gives you the interest/profit rates of a fixed/term deposit*, while letting you transact just like a savings account.

*Prevailing 3-months FD/TD rate provided the minimum balance is above RM10,000.

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2. Is this product protected by PIDM?

Yes, it is protected by Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation (PIDM) up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

3. Who is eligible to open this account?

Eligible for individual aged 18 and above.

4. How do I apply for eFlex/-i Savings Account?

You may apply for this account via AmOnline mobile app.

If you’re an AmOnline user but a non-Malaysian, you must have an AmBank/AmBank Islamic deposit account for online account opening.

To open the account via AmOnline Mobile App, follow the following steps:

  1. Log in into AmOnline Mobile App
  2. Select "Apply"
  3. Select "Open eFlex/-i"
  4. Complete all the information requested
  5. Confirm all the information provided

Done! Your account is created and you may check your account details at your account summary page.

You may also visit AmBank branches to open eFlex/-i Savings Account.

5. How long does it take for the account to be opened after I submit?

Instant!! The account opening is immediate after you have confirmed all your particulars. You can view your newly opened account at your account summary page.

6. How many eFlex/-i account I can open via the AmOnline app?

You can open one eFlex Savings Account and one Islamic eFlex Savings Account-i online.

7. Will I get a new Debit Card for this eFlex/-i Savings Account?

If you do not have any AmBank Debit Card, a new Debit Card will be issued and delivered to your correspondence address.

If you already have an AmBank Debit Card, this newly opened eFlex/-i account will be automatically linked to your existing AmBank Debit Card.

8. How soon do I need to transfer money to the newly opened eFlex/-i savings account to enjoy the bonus interest/profit rate for the month?

To qualify for the Bonus Interest/Profit, the daily balance must be equal to or more than the threshold balance of RM10,000. Hence, you will need to fund the account with a minimum of RM10,000 on the SAME DAY the account is opened to enjoy the bonus interest/profit.

9. How do I transfer money to my newly opened eFlex/-i savings account?

There are several options:

  • You may transfer fund to the eFlex/-i account in AmOnline via Transfer Within AmBank
  • You may use other bank online banking portal transfer fund to the eFlex/-i account
  • You may deposit cash to the eFlex/-i account number via AmBank CDM(Cash Deposit Machine)
10. Why my eFlex/-i account available balance is not same with the amount that I did for the first time transfer into the account?

There is a RM20 minimum balance amount need to be maintained in the account. However, you may view your total balance in the Account Details screen.