ATM Regional Link


1. What is ATM Regional Link service?
  • ATM Regional Link service is a cross border ATM/Debit Card withdrawal service offered by MEPS which enable our ATM/Debit Card cardholders to withdraw cash in foreign currencies using other country’s ATM network i.e. NETS of Singapore and Arta Jasa of Indonesia.
  • This cross-border ATM/Debit Card withdrawal service is also available to Singaporeans and Indonesians whenever they travel to Malaysia, provided that their banks are participating in the respective country’s ATM network (NETS/Arta Jasa) that is linked via MEPS.
2. Who are eligible to use this service?

All AmBank ATM/Debit Card cardholders are allowed to use this service.

3. How can I use this new service?

You are required to activate your ATM/Debit Card for overseas usage before you travel to overseas through any of the following channels:

  • AmBank ATMs;
  • AmBank Contact Centre at +603 2178 8888;

Customers may opt for either the temporary (by entering the start date and end date) or permanent activation of ATM Regional Link service whenever they activate the ATM Regional Link service via any of the abovementioned channels.

Click below for more FAQs on how to activate the ATM/Debit Card overseas usage.

4. What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits?

The withdrawal limits are the same as the local withdrawal limits.

5. What is the service fee being charged for this cross-border service?

RM10.60, inclusive of GST, will be debited from customer's account for every successful ATM Regional Link cash withdrawal transaction performed at NETS ATMs in Singapore or Arta Jasa’s ATMs in Indonesia.​

6. Am I required to deactivate the ATM Regional Link service once I return from Singapore or Indonesia?

Yes, it is advised to deactivate your ATM/Debit Card Regional Link service once you returned from overseas for security purposes.

7. What are the types of transactions offered for this cross-border service?

For the time being, this cross border ATM service only supports Cash Withdrawal transaction.​

8. How do I recognise an ATM that provides this service while travelling in Singapore/Indonesia?

While travelling in Singapore/Indonesia, look out for the NETS/Artajasa ATM which displays the "Bankcard" service logo as shown below: