Transfer Within AmBank via AmOnline


1. What is Transfer Within AmBank?

Transfer Within AmBank is a service of remitting funds from a AmBank account to other AmBank or AmBank Islamic retail banking account.

2. How long is the processing time for Transfer Within AmBank?

Transfer within AmBank will be reflected immediately to the beneficiary's account.

3. What is the maximum daily transaction limit for Transfer within AmBank?

By default, the limit is set at RM 5,000.00 in AmOnline. However the maximum daily transaction limit can be set up to RM 50,000.00.

4. How much are the transaction charges for Transfer within AmBank?

There is no service charge for Transfer within AmBank.

5. How do I perform a Transfer Within AmBank?
  • After login into your AmOnline, select “Pay and Transfer” and then select “Transfer Within AmBank”.
  • Select your account to deduct the funds from the “From” dropdown and then select the account from the “To” dropdown if it is already in your favourites or for a new account, select “Non-Favourite".
  • Then insert the amount you want to transfer and next select “One-Time” or “Repeat”. Please refer to “FAQ-Scheduled Payment” section for more information about “One-Time” and “Repeat”.
  • After that, you have to insert the transfer reference details for yourself and for the recipient. Click “Next” to proceed.
  • Check the details and then “Request TAC” for verifications.
  • Select “Confirm” to execute the transaction.
6. Can I perform a Scheduled Payment in Transfer within AmBank?

Yes, you can perform scheduled payment for Transfer within AmBank. Please refer to “FAQ-Scheduled Payment” section for more information.

7. How do I view the details of my past payment transactions?
  • Select the account you want to view the detail in Account Summary page
  • Click on the top of account name example SA Basic to view your account details
8. What if I do not have sufficient funds in my account?

If you are making a payment with insufficient funds, you will see an 'Unsuccessful' message. If it is a 'Scheduled Payment', your payment will not go through on the scheduled date.

9. How do I share transaction receipt of the payment I just made?

Login to the AmOnline app on your mobile. After making a transaction/payment, please refer to the steps below:

  • After a transaction, click on the share icon .
  • Choose an application to share this receipt.
  • Select your contact.
  • Click “Send”.

You can also click here for the video tutorial.