Transfer Overseas / eRemittance


1. What is Transfer Overseas?

Transfer Overseas is a web based portal where AmOnline customers can remit or transfer money through this service to beneficiaries around the world. You may also transfer to your children studying abroad as well as friends or relatives travelling or living abroad provided that they have an account to receive the funds.

2. Who can use AmOnline Transfer Overseas?

All AmOnline users with savings and/or current accounts can use this facility.

3. How long is the processing time for Remittance?

All Transfer Overseas requests will be processed at the Remittance Centre located in Kuala Lumpur on the next working day. For request submitted on Saturday, Sunday and Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Public Holidays, your request will be processed on the next Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory working day. The actual time taken for beneficiary to receive the money will depend on the respective agent or beneficiary bank.


4. What is the daily transaction limit for eRemittance?

The global limit for Transfer Overseas is RM 10,000 per day.

5. How do I Transfer through Transfer Overseas?


  • After login into your AmOnline, select “Pay and Transfer” then “Transfer Overseas”.
  • When you click on “Transfer Overseas”, you need to accept the Term & Condition to continue.
  • Once you have accepted the Term & Condition, you can fill in the currency amount. You can choose the foreign currency from the drop down by clicking the button under “Foreign Currency”.
  • After you have chosen the currency and the amount to be transferred, the total amount will be automatic calculated with the handling fees (Inclusive 0% GST).
  • After you selected the purpose of payment, choose your account to deduct the funds from the “From” dropdown and then select the account from the “To” dropdown if it is already in your favourites or for a new account, select “Non-Favourite”.
  • If you have selected “Non-Favourite”, fill in the details required.
  • Note : Kindly ensure you have entered the correct Beneficiary Bank name and SWIFT code before you proceed.

  • Then “Request TAC” for verification and select “Confirm” to continue.
  • You need to accept the Term & Condition to execute the transaction.


6. How much are the transaction charges for Transfer Overseas via our AmOnline?

7. Will there be any other bank charges incurred by the recipient?

The foreign bank may charge extra costs to the recipient of the fund. This is usually deducted from the total payable to the beneficiary.

8. Can my Transfer Overseas request be reversed and refunded immediately upon submission?

No, your Transfer Overseas request will be returned only if any beneficiary details are incorrect or rejected by your beneficiary’s agent bank. The service charge incurred is not refundable.

9. Who do I contact if the recipient does not receive the money?

Please contact our Contact Centre hotline at +603 2178 8888 if you have any enquiries.

10. What are the possible reasons for a transaction to be rejected?

The transaction will be rejected due to: -
Wrong account number, Payment to a deceased account holder or closed account, Account cannot be credited due to other reasons determined by the foreign banks.