1. How secure is AmOnline?

AmBank uses the highest level of encryption technology available today to ensure that all account information and transactions are safe. AmOnline utilizes 256-bit encryption along with digital certification to ensure that all transactions performed are secured. We use security image as part of the security measure for customer to validate that they are on the correct AmOnline platform. In addition, AmOnline uses Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) as the second factor authentication to validate the customers for high risk financial transactions.

2. What is Security Image?

Security image is a security measure for customer to validate that they are on the genuine AmOnline platform.

3. What is Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) and what is it for?

TAC is a numeric code that is only valid for a single transaction when you perform any high-risk transaction. The TAC will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number. You will have to make sure that you do not share or reveal your TAC number with a third party. TAC is required as transaction verification when you perform any high risks transaction(s). The following transactions are considered high risks transactions:

  • Profile Maintenance
  • Transfer to Other Banks
  • Pay Loans/ Financing
  • Pay Credit Card
  • Manage Favourite


4. I’m a new AmBank customer. How do I register my mobile phone number for TAC?

For new customers, you can register your mobile phone number to receive TAC at any AmBank branch or via Contact Center upon account opening

5. How do I request for TAC?

You need to request for TAC when you click "Request TAC" button upon performing any high-risk transaction.

6. How many times can I request TAC for a transaction?

You can request unlimited times for a single transaction. However, there is a wait time of 2 minutes between each request.

7. What are the security tips for me to keep my AmOnline account in secured?

You can refer to the security tips at