AmOnline Secured Message


1. What is Secured Message?

Secured Message is a messaging platform where you can send and receive messages from our Contact Center. Any inquiry related to AmOnline can be send through this function.

2. How to send message using Secured Message?


  • After login into your AmOnline, click on the Secured Message Icon on top right of your screen for web. For mobile, click “Notification” on the menu.
  • Click “Create new message”
  • Then select the message category from the “MESSAGE CATEGORY” dropdown and then select your account that you have inquiries about from the “ACCOUNT NUMBER” dropdown. After that, insert the subject and you can then start writing your message inside the text box provided. Click “Send” to send your message.


3. Can Contact Center reply my messages?

Yes, contact center will reply to your message accordingly.

4. Can I send more than one message?

Yes, you can.

5. Can I continue messaging to a subject that has been solved previously?

No, you will need to create a new subject.