Schedule Payment and Transfers


1. What is Scheduled Payments and Transfers

Scheduled payment and transfers shows your One-Time, Repeat and Future transactions at a pre-set timing and amount to a designated beneficiary account of your choice.

You can have funds transferred and bills paid automatically at the date you want it to be transmitted. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your account or else your payment will not go through on the scheduled date.

2. What the different of One-Time, Repeat, Today and Future Payments and Transfers?


  • Only perform this transaction once.
  • It can be executed on the same day or at future date.


  • The payment can be repeated at the frequency you preferred:
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  • The recurring payments can be set based on the start date and end date or repeated up to 99 times.
3. How do I set One-Time/Repeat /Future Scheduled Payments and Transfers?

While performing the transaction, you can set the date to execute the transaction base on your preferences. Kindly refer below:

One-Time (Today Payment)

  • Click on the "One-Time"
  • Set the “Date of Transfer” as Today.

One-Time (Future Payment)

  • Click on the "One-Time"
  • Select the “Date of Transfer” for the preferred date.

Repeat Payment

  • Click on the "Repeat"
  • Select frequency and the preferred transfer date.
4. Where can I see all my active Scheduled Payments and Transfers?

You can see the all the active scheduled payment in the Pay and Transfer page at the bottom of the “What would like to do today” bar.

  • After login into your AmOnline,
  • Select the “Payment and Transfers”
  • Your scheduled payments will be shown at the bottom of the page under “Your scheduled payments and transfers”
5. How do I cancel a Scheduled Payment?

Mobile phone Prepaid Top Up will be credited to your mobile phone number, and other Prepaid Top Up products, such as Internet / STD/ IDD will have its product serial number sent to you via SMS.

Steps to delete your Scheduled Payment in AmOnline as below:

  • After login into your AmOnline,
  • Select the “Payment and Transfers” from the left navigation
  • Select the “Delete” option on the right.
6. Can I change the date of my Scheduled Payment?

No, you will need to delete the current active scheduled payment and create new scheduled payment instruction.

7. Why some of my scheduled payment gone missing?

We only migrated weekly, monthly and yearly scheduled payment from your old AmOnline account. Therefore, scheduled payment other than stated above will not be migrated to your new account.