Repeat Past Payments on AmOnline


1. What is Repeat Transaction?

This feature offers you a simplified process to re-enter the details from previous transactions which you wish to perform frequently.

Details of your selected transaction will be pre-populated - except the payment amount.

2. How do I Repeat a Transaction on AmOnline?

Please refer to the steps below:

  • Login to AmOnline and click on the "Pay and Transfer" tab displayed at the menu.
  • Click on “Repeat Transaction”.
  • Select the transaction to be repeated.
  • Click on the repeat icon .
  • Verify the details and insert the amount (all the pre-populated fields are editable).
  • Click the "Next” button
  • Verify all the details once again and click on the “Request TAC/Request Authorisation” button
  • Enter the TAC/Authorisation code
  • Click "Submit"
  • Done.

Click here for the video tutorial.

3. Can I change the details?

Yes, all the fields are editable.

4. What are the types of transactions which can be repeated?

Listed below are the types of transactions which can be repeated.

  • Transfer to own account
  • Transfer within AmBank
  • Transfer to Other Bank (IBG & IBFT)
  • Pay to AmBank biller
  • Pay to JomPAY
  • Pay to Own Credit Card
  • Pay to Third Party Credit Card
  • Prepaid Top-up
  • Pay to AmBank Loan
  • Pay from Credit Card to AmBank biller
  • Pay from Credit Card to JomPAY
5. Can I repeat unsuccessful transactions?

No, you cannot repeat unsuccessful transactions.

6. What is the maximum daily transaction limit for Repeat Transaction?

The maximum daily transaction limit leverages on its own individual mode of payment.

7. What are the transaction charges for Repeat Transaction?

The transaction charges are based on its individual mode of payment.