Quick Access on AmOnline


1. What is Quick Access?

Quick Access is a feature on AmOnline mobile app that allows you to leverage on biometric features available on your smartphone, or 6-digit secure AmOnline PIN to quickly access to the summary of your account information.

2. What are the types of authentications I can use for Quick Access?

There are three types of Quick Access authentication:

  • Face ID (iPhone only)
  • Touch ID/Fingerprint
  • AmOnline PIN
3. What is Face ID?

Face ID is a facial recognition system introduced by Apple which can be used as an authentication for Quick Access. Face ID will be available only on iPhone X and above.

4. What is Touch ID/Fingerprint?

Touch ID/Fingerprint will be available on iOS & Android devices which support fingerprint sensor and scanning. Touch ID/Fingerprint registered on your mobile device can be used for Quick Access authentication.

5. What is AmOnline PIN?

AmOnline PIN is an authentication where you may use a 6-digit secure AmOnline PIN on a mobile device which does not support Face ID and Touch ID/Fingerprint to use Quick Access.

6. Does my device support QuickAccess?

QuickAccess can be supported on the following devices:

7. How do I activate Quick Access?

Quick Access popup upon successful login at AmOnline

  • Quick Access Introduction Dialog
  • Click on the ‘Tell me more!’ button
  • Login with username, security image & password
  • Biometric or AmOnline PIN authentication
  • Successful activation

Standard Activation (if you have ignored the Quick Access “popup” previously)

  • Login AmOnline with username and password
  • Go to Sign-in and Security Page > Click on the ‘Set up’ button
  • Biometric or AmOnline PIN authentication
  • Successful activation
8. What is the requirement to activate Quick Access?

You must download the AmOnline Mobile App and set up Face ID or Touch ID/Fingerprint on your device. You must also ensure that you grant permission to AmOnline to access your device Face ID or Touch ID/Fingerprint information.

9. Where can I use Quick Access?

Quick Access is accessible on AmOnline mobile app only.

10. Why should I use Quick Access?

Quick Access allows you a quicker access to the account summary page and view your account balances as compared to keying in username and password.

11. How many devices can I register for Quick Access?

Only one.

12. If I lost my phone how can I deactivate Quick Access?
  • Log into your AmOnline.
  • Select “Settings” and then select “Sign-in & Security”.
  • Click on the “Delete” Icon and press “Confirm”.

You may also call the contact centre to deactivate Quick Access.

13. What happens if Quick Access does not work?

You may login to AmOnline using your username, security image and password.

14. Why do I still get prompted to enter my password after Quick Access Authentication?

Biometric and AmOnline PIN Authentication are limited to viewing the account summary and to perform DuitNow transfer only. Access to any other features will require password authentication to safeguard your account.

15. How secure is Quick Access?

Quick Access is safe to use as your biometrics and AmOnline PIN are encrypted and is securely stored in your device. The data does not leave your device and is never stored in the cloud, servers or anywhere else. Additionally, to safeguard your account, Quick Access will be disabled for devices which have been rooted or jailbroken.

16. What should I do if I am planning to sell of my mobile device which is registered to AmOnline mobile app?

It is advisable that you deactivate Quick Access from AmOnline mobile app before you switch the ownership of the mobile device to another person.

17. What should I be aware of when enabling Quick Access?

Once Quick Access is activated on your device, your account summary can be accessed with any fingerprints registered on your device. You are advised NOT to add any other person’s fingerprint in your device.