First Time Sign On / Registration

1. How do I register on AmOnline?
  • First click “Register” on AmOnline.
  • Enter your preferred username and password. Then select a security image of your choice. Tick on the Terms & Conditions box and click “Next”.
  • Select your ID from the “ID TYPE” dropdown and then fill in your ID number, email and mobile number. Click “Next”.
  • Select account that you want to create from the “ACCOUNT/CARD TYPE” dropdown and fill in your account number. Then click “Next”.
  • To authenticate, a PIN or TAC is required depending on the account type (see details below). Enter the TAC or PIN and select “Next”.
    • Debit / ATM Card & Credit Card / Card-i – PIN authentication.
    • Loan – TAC authentication.
  • You have successfully registered your account and now you can login using your username and password.