Financial Process Exchange (FPX) on AmOnline


1. What is FPX?

It is a payment gateway that allows you to make online payments in real time using your Savings or Current account. AmBank is one of FPX participating banks and you will be able to make online payment from participating merchants’ website via AmOnline.

2. How do I perform FPX via AmOnline?


  • Once you get to the payment section on the merchant website, choose to pay using Online Banking and click on the AmBank icon.
    Note: Please ensure that you are registered with AmOnline beforehand in order to be able to use our FPX service.
  • After you click on the AmBank icon, you will be directed to the login page of AmOnline. Login by using your username and your password, then click “Next”.
  • After successfully login, you just need to choose which account to deduct the funds from, by clicking the “From” dropdown. The rest of the fields are pre-populated from the merchant website.
  • Then, Click “Next”.
  • After you have finished reviewing the details, Click “Request TAC” for verifications and select “Confirm” to execute the transaction.


3. Why is FPX via AmOnline beneficial?

You can make real time payments to over 1360 merchants inclusive of more than 500 government agencies, and online shopping marketplace. Shop online or perform your Tax Payment – all possible with FPX via AmOnline.

4. How much is FPX via AmOnline transaction limit?

Minimum limit: RM1.00 (per transaction)
Maximum limit: RM30, 000 (per day) (Combine with Web to Web transaction)

5. How much is the service charge for FPX via AmOnline?

The service charge imposed for this service varies according to the type of service and merchant selected by customers.

6. When can I use AmBank FPX?

FPX is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For AmBank, the service will be unavailable from 12.00am to 2.00am daily.

7. How long does it takes for my FPX payments via AmOnline to go through?

8. What should I do if my FPX transaction via AmOnline is unsuccessful?

Kindly report this matter to AmBank Contact Centre at +603-2178 8888 for further investigation.

9. What can I do if I want to know more about FPX service?

Visit to find out more about FPX service.