Boost Your Credit Card Limit via AmOnline


1. Who can apply for Credit Limit Increase?
Only the principal card holder eligible to apply for Credit Limit Increase. (Subject to Bank’s approval.)
2. How do I apply for this Credit Limit Increase through AmOnline
  • After login into your AmOnline, select “Apply” then click on “Apply Credit Limit Increase”.
  • Then, fill up your desired new limit and your employer details.
  • Next, choose the type of income documents you want to upload by clicking on the “Income Documents” dropdown and then click “Upload”. After finish uploading the file, click on “Upload Now” to proceed or you can choose to upload it later.
  • You need read, understand and accept the Terms & Conditions before you can click on “Confirm”
  • After confirmation, you can proceed to “Request TAC”
  • You have successfully applied for Credit Limit Increase. You will receive SMS & Email notification for your application submission.
3. How do I find out on my Credit Limit Increase application status?
You can call our contact center to follow up your application status.