Activate Card on AmOnline


1. What is ‘Activate Card’?

‘Activate Card’ is a feature on AmOnline which will enable you to activate your New AmBank Credit Card(s) and Debit Card(s). It is available on AmOnline’s pre-login page – on both mobile app and web.

2. Can I activate my Debit Card using this feature?

Yes, AmOnline’s ‘Activate Card’ feature is applicable for AmBank Credit Card, AmBank Islamic Credit Card-i and AmBank Debit Card.

3. Can I activate a Supplementary Credit Card?

You can only activate a Supplementary Credit Card if you are the Supplementary Credit Cardholder.

4. How do I use this feature?

To activate your Credit Card/Debit Card via AmOnline, you are only required to provide the following:

  • Your 16 Digit Card Number
  • Your ID Type and Number - which you have provided during your card application
  • Request and enter TAC number


5. I have entered the required details but I was unable to activate my card. What should I do?

In this case, you are advised to call our Contact Centre to enquire this issue.

6. Why didn’t I receive an SMS TAC upon requesting?

If you did not receive an SMS TAC after several attempts, you are advised to call our Contact Centre to check on your registered mobile number.
This could also be due to a temporary issue related to Telco services.

7. If I am not a registered AmOnline user, can I use ‘Activate Card’?

Yes, you will be able to activate your Credit Card/Debit Card via AmOnline’s ‘Activate Card’ without an AmOnline account. Through this process, you will be able to register for one.

8. I have received a temporary PIN upon my successful card activation, what will happen if I do not proceed to register for an AmOnline account?

If you do not proceed with your AmOnline account registration, you may still set your new PIN via ATM or call Contact Centre using the temporary PIN delivered to you.
If you wish to register for an AmOnline account later, you can only do so via ‘Register’.

9. I have successfully activated my card, but I am unable to log in despite having an AmOnline account. What should I do now?

You may call our Contact Centre to enquire the status of your AmOnline account.

10. During my AmOnline account registration, I have received a popup field requesting for my e-mail address input, what will happen if I click ‘Cancel’ upon that request?

Without your e-mail, your AmOnline account will not be successfully created. Hence, you will be required to call Contact Centre or go to the ATM to set your new card PIN number.

11. What will happen if I do not proceed to log in after activating my Credit Card/Debit Card?

For security reasons, we highly recommend that you to immediately login after a successful card activation and AmOnline registration to verify your Credit Card/Debit Card details and change your 6-Digit credit card PIN so that you can use it to perform transactions.

12. How do I set my PIN?

You can set and/or change your Card PIN number by clicking/tapping on the 3 dots next to your activated card and select “Change PIN”.