AmMoneyLine / AmMoneyLine Facility-I Application via AmOnline


1. What is AmMoneyLine / AmMoneyLine Facility-i?

Whether you want to borrow cash or pay off debts from other banks, AmMoneyLine / AmMoneyLine Facility-i is an unsecured Personal Loan/Financing which requires NO collaterals or guarantors.

  • Cash-Out Plan: Receive cash into your AmBank Savings Account
  • Debt Consolidation Plan: Pay off your debts by making one easy repayment with AmMoneyLine/-i

This product has a fixed monthly payment schedule and is available under both Conventional and Islamic banking. The product offers:

  • Low interest/profit rate from 8.00% p.a. to 11.99% p.a. (EIR/EPR 14.13 to 21.55%)
  • High disbursement loan/financing amount up to RM 150,000

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2. Who can apply for AmMoneyLine / AmMoneyLine Facility-i via AmOnline?

Malaysians aged 21 – 60 (at maturity) with gross minimum income of RM 3,000 per month for salaried customers, or RM 5,000 per month for self-employed or full commission earners.

3. Why do I need to have a Savings Account to apply for AmMoneyLine/-i?

All applicants must have an AmBank Savings Account to receive the cash disbursement. For Debt Consolidation, RM 1,000 of the approved amount will be deposited into the applicant’s Savings Account.

4. How do I apply for AmMoneyLine / AmMoneyLine Facility-i via AmOnline?
  • After you have logged into AmOnline, select "Apply", then click/tap on "Apply AmMoneyLine/-i"
  • Enter the details of the loan/financing that you need
  • Update your latest personal and employment details
  • Upload the necessary documents
  • Upon confirmation, request for TAC and submit your application
5. What happens if I logout of AmOnline in the middle of an application?

Applications will be saved as “Draft” or "Pending Document Upload", and you can always resume where you left off. Draft applications will be saved for 2 weeks, and if left not submitted, will expire.

6. What happens if my application has expired?

In this case, your application will not be processed. If you still wish to apply for AmMoneyLine / AmMoneyLine Facility-i, you may re-apply again.

7. Will I be notified on the application status?

Yes, you will receive an SMS on the status if your application is approved.

8. How fast can I obtain the funds?

Your application could be approved and disbursed within 72 hours for completed documentation scenario.

9. How do I pay the monthly installments?

There are a few ways to pay your monthly installments:

  1. Transfer via AmOnline Web or Mobile App (You can choose to pay once, or set up a recurring payment that pays every month
  2. Direct Debit standing instruction from AmBank Savings/Current Account or AmBank Islamic Savings/Current Account-i
  3. By cash at any AmBank/AmBank Islamic branch nationwide
  4. By cash through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) or Automated Teller Machine (ATM)