What is DuitNow?

DuitNow is a hassle-free and secured instant fund transfer platform that enables you to make and receive funds nationwide by using a DuitNow ID.

To make payments, all you need is the receiver’s DuitNow ID which has been registered to the receiving bank.

Similarly, to receive payments, you need to register your DuitNow ID to your AmBank account.

DuitNow is an industry-wide initiative governed by Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet), with an official website at www.duitnow.com.my

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What is DuitNow ID?

DuitNow ID unique identifiers are as follows:

  • Mobile Number
  • National Identification Number (NRIC)
  • Passport Number

Once you have received the confirmation on your DuitNow Registration, you are good to go.

Click www.duitnow.my/registration for more information on registration from PayNet.

Benefits of DuitNow

  • All transactions are FREE for AmBank customers
  • Payments are secured along with TAC verification
  • Enables you to make or receive payments within seconds, securely
  • Trouble remembering account numbers? All you need is a registered mobile number

How do I register for DuitNow?

To register:

  • Register/Login to your AmOnline via web or mobile app
  • Go to Settings > DuitNow ID > Register Now!
  • Select the account you wish to link your DuitNow ID to
  • Alternatively, you may also call our Customer Contact Centre at 03-2178 8888 to register

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Click here for the video tutorial on how to register.

If you have more than one AmBank account, you can register a different DuitNow ID for each account, or if you have only one account, you may link all your DuitNow IDs to this account.

How does DuitNow work?

To Receive Payments

Step 1: Register your DuitNow ID with AmBank
Step 2: Share your DuitNow ID to a payer and receive payments instantly

To Make Payments

Step 1: Log in to AmOnline via web or mobile app and look for DuitNow
Step 2: Enter the recipient’s DuitNow ID along with the payment details
Step 3: TAC verification
Step 4: Confirm Payment