Malaysia’s 1st Term Loan linked to POS transaction and Deposit Account.


Pay-As-You-Grow Term Loan (PayG) is the fastest and most convenient way to get upfront cash for your business.


It is an unsecured Term Loan so businesses can get immediate working capital when you need it most. It also offers greater flexibility and control because it is linked to your Point of Sale (POS) and Deposit account for better tracking and repayment options.

What better way to keep your business moving and growing?
PayG - getting you the money you need, when you need it fast!

All-in-one Account

  • Term Loan linked to Point of Sale (POS) and Deposit account.

Automated Repayment

  • Deducted daily from POS transactions.

Hassle-free Application

  • Quick loan based on POS transactions.

0 Fee

  • Zero fee and No collaterals.


Affordable Monthly Repayment for 12 months tenure
Loan Amount (RM) Monthly Repayment (RM)
Effective Interest Rate 17% p.a.
RM20,000 RM1,825
RM60,000 RM5,473
RM90,000 RM8,209
RM120,000 RM10,945
RM150,000 RM13,681


  • The rate quoted above is for illustration purpose and the final interest rate may vary between 7.18% to 9.45% flat rate per annum.
  • The final approved loan amount and interest rate are subject to the Bank’s credit review.
  • To calculate your monthly repayment, please click here.


Terms and Conditions (Eng)

Product Disclosure Sheet (Eng | BM)

PIDM Disclosure (Eng & BM)

FAQ (Eng)


For more information about PayG, please contact AmBank Merchant Helpdesk at 03-2167 7800