AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum Carz Card

A card that caters for motorists and packaged with all auto related benefits. It is packed with a vast of unique privileges meticulously put together. From discounts and rebates to value added services, you can feel at ease that your regular auto-related requirements are addressed by AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum CARz Card.

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Cash rebate on any petrol brand


Product Features AmBank Islamic Visa Platinum Carz Card 
Rebates on any Petrol brand transactions Revolvers (pay min or partial) 5% rebate, capped at RM80 rebate per card per month.
Transactors (pay in full) 2% rebate, capped at RM20 rebate per card per month


Note: Both Principal and Supplementary are eligible for rebate.


Excess Limit Service

Subscribe to this service now to spend without worrying about exceeding your assigned credit limit and enjoy a better peace of mind.

Call our Contact Centre at 03-2178 8888 to apply.

Excess Limit Service is a chargeable service at a fee of RM50 for AmBank Islamic card when this service is trigged, subject to the conduct of your account. The excess limit granted is at the full discretion of the Bank.

Stay Protected

  • Travel Takaful
    Travel with absolute peace of mind knowing that you and your family members are protected with up to RM 1 million travel takaful coverage when the full fare of the airline tickets are charged to the Card.

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A card, made just for you

Fees & Charges
Principal Card: Free-For-Life (no conditions attached)
Supplementary Card:
First 3 supplementary cards are Free-For-Life.
4th supplementary card onwards is RM188 p.a. (for Platinum).

Minimum age for Principal Card applicant: 21 years old and above.
Minimum age for Supplementary Card applicant: 18 years old and above.
Minimum Income:

  • Platinum Visa Card: RM48,000 p.a.


Terms & Conditions
Product Disclosure Sheet (ENG & BM)
See AmBank Islamic Berhad Cardholder Agreement (ENG & BM)
AmBank Islamic Carz Card - Cash Rebate (ENG)

Thank you for your interest in AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Card
Thank you for your interest in AmBank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum Card