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We have been working hard to bring a whole new experience to you. And our hard work has paid off! Because... you can now open a Savings Account or Current Account via the AmOnline app anywhere, anytime, wherever you are.

This seamless and secure experience is only available on the AmOnline App


How to open an account?

It’s easy, just follow these 6 simple steps:

And voila, you are now an AmBank customer!

Note: Your debit card will be delivered to you within 5-7 working days.

You may also check out the tutorial video below



Still have questions?

1. Who can open a new Current/Savings Account/-i via AmOnline?
  1. Existing AmBank customers – Those with Current/Savings Account/-i, Credit Card/Card-i and/or Loan with AmBank, can register for AmOnline and open a new Current/Savings Account/-i in AmOnline
  2. Individuals who are new to AmBank – Those without any existing products with AmBank can also open an account via AmOnline. Refer to FAQ1 on how to open account.
2. What are the accounts available for me to open in AmOnline?

3. What documents do I need for account opening?

You only need a new MyKad.

Below are the characteristics of a new MyKad:

  • Says “80k” and “chip” at the back
  • Has a large and small photo of yourself at the front
4. Who is eligible to open account via AmOnline?
  • Individuals aged 18 or above, AND
  • New MyKad holder (80k chip MyKad / MyKad with large and small photos of yourself)

Alternatively, you may view the full Frequently Asked Questions here

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