SMS Scam


Be wary when you suddenly get a call and
the person says he is your long-lost relative
or old friend!

Chances are, he’s a scammer!




This scam is similar to the Macau Scam. Instead of the fraudster impersonating a person of authority like a police detective, court official or bank officer, he/she will claim to be your distant relative or old friend.




  • The usual trick is that the scammer will try to ‘sweet talk’ or convince you that you actually know the caller, but just that you have ‘forgotten’ who he or she is.
  • Once the impersonator gains your trust, he/she will ask to ‘borrow’ money from you for all sorts of reasons.



Be vigilant. Hang up the call immediately if you do not know
the caller or feel suspicious. It’s always better
to be safe than sorry.


Always stay alert and be aware of the tricks used by scammers.


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