About Your New PIN-Enabled Contactless Card



As an industry-wide initiative, whereby effective 1 July 2017, signature will no longer be accepted when you use your Card to make a domestic payment. PIN enabled cards will replace signature cards. The use of signature will gradually be phased out as cards and terminals are upgraded. You should enter a PIN when prompted, instead of signing, when making a payment with your new PIN enabled card at a point-of-sale terminal in Malaysia.

To complement your contemporary and dynamic lifestyle, this card also comes with contactless chip technology, where you can breeze through checkout counters just by tapping your Card whenever you see the Paypass/ PayWave symbol.

Please be rest assured that there will be no interruption to your current card usage including auto-debit transactions.

About PIN

What is PIN?
A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a secret code that is assigned to cardmembers to prove they are the rightful owner of the payment card. PINs for Malaysian cards have six digits. Your PIN must always be kept a secret and never written down.

Why is PIN safer than signing?
PIN usage can help protect against fraud due to lost or stolen cards, because the card and PIN are required to make a payment. This is why you must always keep your PIN a secret.

Why do I need to receive a new card to use PIN?
You will be issued a new card because your current card is not a PIN enabled card.

When will I receive my PIN?
You will receive a temporary PIN via SMS after your card is activated. Please update your latest mobile phone number with the Bank.

Do I need to change the PIN?
Yes. You are required to change the temporary PIN you received from the Bank to your own preferred 6 digits PIN, at any AmBank/ AmBank Islamic ATMs before transacting with the PIN enabled card for the first time.

When will I need to use the PIN?
You will need the PIN for:
a) Cash withdrawals at Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
b) First time log-in at AmOnline, AmBank’s Internet Banking
c) Retail purchases in Malaysia whenever you are prompted to enter your PIN
d) Overseas purchases in certain countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc

How do I obtain a PIN?
Your temporary PIN will be sent in a separate mailer or via SMS. If you have not received it, please call our Contact Centre at +603-2178 8888 or visit any AmBank/ AmBank Islamic branches to request. Please update your latest mobile number with the Bank.

Can I continue using my existing signature card after I have received my PIN enabled card?
Your existing signature based card can only be used until 31 December 2016. Please activate your new PIN enabled card as soon as possible for uninterrupted usage.

Is the PIN used for making purchases the same as the PIN used at ATMs?
Yes. Each card will only have one PIN that can be used for both cash withdrawals at ATMs and for making purchases at the point-of-sale.

What will happen if I enter the wrong PIN?
You will be allowed several attempts before your PIN is blocked. Limited PIN entry protects you against the possibility of a criminal using your card. If you are unable to proceed with further transactions by using your existing PIN, please contact us for a new PIN.

How will I know when a PIN is required?
All you need to do is follow the instructions displayed on the terminal. The payment terminal will determine if a PIN is required and if so, it will then prompt you to key in your PIN.

What will happen if I use my new PIN card at a terminal that does not support PIN?
In this case, the terminal will process your new PIN enabled card without prompting for PIN and you will need to sign on the payment slip to complete the payment.

Will PIN be needed for card transactions via the Internet or telephone?
No. The PIN that you use at point-of-sale terminals or ATMs must never be revealed via the Internet or telephone. Your PIN enabled card will have no impact to transactions made via the Internet or telephone.

Do I need to enter PIN whenever I use my PIN card in Malaysia?
Yes, you will require a PIN for most of your card transactions at point-of-sale terminals.
There will be some transactions which DO NOT require PIN:
• Low-value contactless transactions (below RM250).
• Transactions performed at a terminal not supporting PIN.
• Online/ internet and mail/ telephone order transactions.

Will I have to enter a PIN when I use my card overseas?
Not all overseas countries support PIN. Where an overseas terminal does not support PIN, you will need to sign on the payment slip to complete the payment.

What will happen if I forgot my PIN?
Prior to 1 July 2017, signature will still be accepted when using your new PIN card if you cannot remember your PIN. The retailer can assist you to complete your payment using signature.
Effective 1 July 2017, you will no longer be allowed to use your PIN enabled card at point-of-sale terminals in Malaysia if you do not remember your PIN.
If you forgot your PIN, please call our Contact Centre at +603-2178 8888 for a new PIN.

What will happen when I use my PIN card at self-service petrol pumps?
As a security measure, you must enter your PIN at self-service petrol pumps when prompted, even prior to 1 July 2017. If you forget your PIN, you will not be able to use your PIN enabled card at these petrol pumps. Therefore, if you do not have a PIN in hand, proceed to make payment at the cashier located inside the petrol pump to transact using signature.
Please note that a pre-authorised amount (equivalent to RM200) at self-service petrol pumps will be deducted from the available balance in your card account. This pre-authorisation amount is temporary held for up to 4 working days and shall be adjusted accordingly once the actual amount used is debited to your card account.

How do I avoid the holding of pre-authorisation amount?
If you want to avoid a pre-authorisation amount at self-service petrol pumps, you can approach the cashier to charge the exact amount to your card before pumping petrol.

What will happen if I forgot my PIN and need to pump petrol urgently?
From now till 30 June 2017, you can approach the cashier to charge your card before pumping petrol (i.e. signature will still be accepted). From 1 July 2017 onwards, you will require a PIN to transact on your PIN card.

How do I keep my PIN secure?
It is very important that you keep your PIN confidential so that your PIN enabled card is protected against lost and stolen card fraud.
Ensure your PIN is not easy to guess by avoiding numbers that can be associated with you such as significant personal dates (e.g. your birthday or anniversary), telephone number or driver’s licence number.
Other measures to keep your PIN safe include:
• do not keep a written record of your PIN;
• do not allow another person to see your PIN when you enter it or when it is displayed;
• do not keep your PIN in a form that can be readily identified as a PIN;
• do not disclose your PIN to any other person (including persons in apparent authority, family members or spouse);
• do not negligently or recklessly disclose your PIN;
• notify the Bank immediately if you become aware that your PIN has become known to someone else; and
• ensure any supplementary cardmembers who are able to access any of your Card Accounts via a PIN, to also keep their PIN secure as set out above.

About Contactless

What is a Contactless Card?
It’s a card with contactless chip technology, where you can breeze through checkout counters by just tapping your card whenever you see the PayPass/ PayWave symbol. i.e. tap and go. It is a convenient and fast way to pay for everyday purchases. You do not need to sign on the sales slip nor enter PIN for low value transactions below RM250.

Can I still use my PIN card for contactless transactions?
Yes. If your contactless card has a PIN, the terminal will prompt for PIN after your card is tapped on the contactless reader for transactions amounting of RM250 and above. Low-value contactless transactions do not require PIN or signature.

How safe is a contactless card?
The simplest security measure is that the card should never leave your hand and you are in control of the payment.

Could I have unknowingly made a purchase if I walked past a contactless reader?
Your contactless card will only work when the card is within 4cm from the card reader and the reader needs to be enabled by the cashier to accept payment. If the reader is not enabled to process, it will not read any contactless card presented in front of it by mistake.

What will happen if I accidently tapped my card twice on the contactless reader?
The contactless reader can only process one transaction at a time. Even if the contactless card is tapped more than once, you will only be charged once, for the transaction.

What will happen if a fraudster read my card by placing a contactless reader close to my wallet?
Please be assured that security measures are in place to prevent unauthorised use of the intercepted card security details in an unlikely event that the contactless card details are read by a fraudster. Each contactless transaction requires a unique code to be generated from the chip in your original contactless card.

Could a fraudster steal my contactless card and use it?
Controls are in place to mitigate the use of a lost or stolen contactless card. Your PIN or signature is required for transactions amounting to RM250 and above. All transactions are monitored by the Bank.
You must notify the Bank promptly of any unauthorised transactions charged to your card.

What will happen if I lost my contactless PIN card and there is an unauthorised card transaction?
In the unlikely event of fraud, you will not be held responsible for unauthorised purchases made on your contactless card as long as you have exercised reasonable care in safeguarding the card. You must notify the Bank promptly of the loss and theft of your card as well as any unauthorised card usage. You may be held responsible for unauthorised purchases if you have failed to take reasonable care and precaution to protect your card or PIN.

Can I deactivate the contactless function or set a lower contactless limit for my card?
Yes, you may do so by calling our Contact Centre at +603-2178 8888.