Replace Your Signature With A 6-digit PIN For Improved Security

Effective 1 January 2017, all payment cards within the banking industry in Malaysia will use PIN for card payment as the new security standard.


What You Need To Do?
Step 1: Activate Your New Card via
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Type ACV<space>last 5-digit of Card Number and SMS to 66399
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Call our dedicated Card Activation Hotline at +603 2173 5888 or +603 2173 6688
Step 2: Set Your PIN
Your temporary PIN will be sent in a separate mailer or via SMS. You will need to change the temporary PIN and set your own preferred PIN at any AmBank or AmBank Islamic ATMs, 2 days after you have activated your card.
To set your PIN, click here for the step by step guide
Note: If you are travelling overseas, you need to set your PIN before leaving Malaysia. Some countries require payment to be completed with a PIN instead of signature.
Step 3: To Make Payment
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Insert your new Card at payment terminal
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Key in your PIN when prompted (No signature required)
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Note: If you do not have your PIN enabled card or your PIN at self-service petrol pumps which support PIN, you are required to make payment at the indoor cashier of the petrol station

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