Replace Your Signature With A 6-digit PIN For Improved Security

Effective 1 January 2017, all payment cards within the banking industry in Malaysia will use PIN for card payment as the new security standard.


What You Need To Do?
Step 1: Activate Your New Card via
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Type ACV<space>last 5-digit of Card Number and SMS to 66300
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Call our dedicated Card Activation Hotline at +603 2178 8888
Step 2: Set Your PIN
Your temporary PIN will be sent in a separate mailer or via SMS. You will need to change the temporary PIN and set your own preferred PIN at any AmBank or AmBank Islamic ATMs after you have activated your card.
To set your PIN, click here for the step by step guide
Note: If you are travelling overseas, you need to set your PIN before leaving Malaysia. Some countries require payment to be completed with a PIN instead of signature.
Step 3: To Make Payment
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Insert your new Card at payment terminal
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Key in your PIN when prompted (No signature required)
flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Note: If you do not have your PIN enabled card or your PIN at self-service petrol pumps which support PIN, you are required to make payment at the indoor cashier of the petrol station

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