SMS Scam


We usually let our guard down
when we need to borrow money.

But are you desperate enough to lose more money
by accepting a loan that does not exist?




Scammers will advertise fake loans online, on social media, flyers
and also SMS
, offering high loan amounts with low interest rate,
hoping for those desperate enough to apply.




  • Usually, these scammers will only deal through the phone (SMS, WhatsApp) or email. Even if they have an office, it is only a temporary address.
  • They will show that they are a ‘legitimate’ business with a fake SSM certiticate, and insist you to pay upfront different fees like stamp duty, lawyer fees, loan insurance, etc before they release the bogus loan. Once you have paid the fees, the scammers will simply disappear.



Be vigilant. DO NOT ACCEPT LOANS from unknown
money lenders/sources. Always go to a licensed and
reputable financial institution.


Always stay alert and be aware of the tricks used by scammers.


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