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Get complete peace of mind.

Rest easy knowing that you are protected with AmPro PA Plus, an insurance policy tailored to provide comprehensive protection against accidents, no matter where you are.


Key Benefits



Accidental Death

  • The Capital Sum insured in one lump sum
  • Advanced cash benefit equivalent to 10% of the Capital Sum insured as emergency cash to your named nominee. If accidental death occurs whilst traveling as a fare paying passenger on any mode of public transport, we will pay double the Capital Sum Insured in one lump sum.

Permanent Disablement

  • The Capital Sum insured in one lump sum
  • Cosmetic surgery up to RM5,000
  • The use of wheelchair up to RM500
  • Artificial limbs up to RM2,000

Medical Expenses and Traditional Treatment

  • Reimbursement of expenses up to the maximum allowable per plan including hospital room and board, clinical, outpatient and surgical treatment.
  • Ambulance fees up to RM400 per accident.
  • Sinseh/dukun traditional treatment up to RM400 per accident.
  • Up to RM200 for the cost of medical report and post-mortem report.

Hospitalisation Benefits

  • Daily cash allowance of RM200, up to a maximum of 7 days. Additional RM100 cash benefit a day is payable up to 5 days only if you are hospitalised in a government hospital.
  • Post hospitalisation treatment allowance (within 31 days from discharge) up to RM1,500.
  • Payable up to RM100 (per accident) for reimbursement of public transport fare incurred by the Insured’s next of kin.

Weekly Benefits

In the event of an accident resulting in temporary total/partial disablement and prevent you from attending to your work, we will pay a weekly benefit of RM100/RM50 per week up to a maximum of 104 weeks.


Funeral Expenses

RM5,000 as funeral expenses in the event of accidental death.



RM2,000 lump sum cash benefits to bring back mortal remains to home country (Malaysia, Singapore or Brunei) in the event of Accidental Death.


Snatch Theft

Limit of RM300 per annum.


Personal Liability

Limited to RM100,000 any one accident/any one period (Territorial Limit: Worldwide excluding USA/Canada).




  • Available for insured person or his / her spouse who are 16 years to 65 years old, policy renewal up to 70 years old.
    Note: Insured person aged 16 years old and above but below the age of 18 years old must obtain parental/guardian consent before purchasing this policy.
  • Available for insured’s child(ren) who is/are financially dependent and/or still studying and who is/are not gainfully employed or married, between the ages of 1 month and under 25 years of age and permanently residing in Malaysia.


This cover is subject to the terms and co​nditions of the policy.


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