AmBank Merchant Business Solutions

flexible-terminal-rental-schemes-icon.jpg Flexible terminal rental schemes
To comply with your dynamic business needs.
turn-your-company-bill-paymens-into-savings-icon.jpg Turn your company’s bill payments into savings
Enjoy special cash rebates of up to 0.5% every month when you pay your company utility bills*.
extensive-merchant-business-solutions-centres-network-icon.jpg Extensive Merchant Business Solutions Centres network
We provide local and personalised service to all our merchants via 25 branches nationwide.
technical-support-for-terminal-breakdown.jpg Technical support for terminal breakdown
We provide 24 x 7 technical support to merchants.
mobile-terminal-icon.jpg Mobile Terminal
Highly suited for businesses where a fixed telephone line is not easily available, example for event organisers, insurance agents and other sales people who are always on the move.
effective-business-tracking-icon.jpg Effective business tracking
Keep tabs on your business turnover within seconds via our e-Statement from the comfort of your office.
fast-processing-time.jpg Fast processing time
Speedy application processing, upon receipt of your application with complete supporting documents.
ecommerce-icon.jpg e-Commerce
This type of account is also for businesses that are run online. It makes it easier for people to purchase your product.
moto-icon.jpg MOTO
This also caters to mail or telephone order businesses that operate by taking payments via telephone or direct mail. E.g. florist, mail order via catalogues, hotel reservations, etc.
ebilling-icon.jpg e-Billing
This is mainly for merchants involved in collecting fixed membership fees such as fitness centres, building managements and charity drives.
contactless-icon.jpg Contactless
Contactless is a payment feature that lets Cardmembers wave their card in front of the secure reader at checkout, instead of swiping it or handing it to the cashier.

Value-added Services

ambonus-icon.jpg AmBonus Points XChange
Be one of the participating merchants that offer AmBonus Points On-The-Spot Redemption for all AmBank and AmBank Islamic Cardmembers.
0epp-icon.jpg Easy Payment Plan
Available from 3 to 36 months for all AmBank and AmBank Islamic credit card members.
dcc-icon.jpg Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
DCC is a service by which an acquirer through the merchant can offer a foreign cardholder the option of paying in cardholder's home currency.
spot-icon.jpg AmBank SPOT
Exciting promotional channel for merchants to grow their business by offering discounts and privileges specifically for our Cardmembers.

Documents Required

Private Limited Sole Proprietor/Partnership LLP
Memorandum and Articles of Associations Form A/B of Associations LLP Certification
Form 24, 49 & 9 Form D Form D
Photocopies of IC Photocopies of IC Photocopies of IC
Bank Statement (latest 3 months) Bank Statement (latest 3 months) Bank Statement (latest 3 months)
Form 13 (if applicable) - -

Our Current Sales Package

Terminal MDR/e-debit% Rental RM Deposit RM Proc. Fee RM Contract Note
Land Line 1.50/0.5 35- free 3 months 300 100-200 1 year -
GPRS 1.50/0.5 80- free 3 months 600 100-200 1 year Inclusive of SIM Access fee

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