AmBank Debit Card Notifications and Important Information​

SMS Transaction Alerts

Overseas Card Usage
You will need to activate your card for overseas card usage. You may call our Contact Centre at +603 2178 8888 and we will assist to activate your card for overseas transactions. Alternatively, you may also activate your card at any nearest AmBank ATM or visit your nearest branch.

Liability Clause
You will not be liable for card-present unauthorised transactions which require PIN/signature verification or the use of the contactless Debit Card, provided you have not

  • acted fraudulently,
  • delayed in notifying the Bank immediately in the event your Debit Card is lost, stolen or having discovered unauthorised use of your Debit Card,
  • voluntarily disclosed the PIN to another person/third party,
  • recorded the PIN on your Debit Card or on anything kept in close proximity with the Debit Card,
  • left the Debit Card or an item containing the Debit Card unattended in places visible and accessible to others or

voluntarily allowed another person to use your Debit Card.