Pay off your credit card/-i debt faster at lower interest/ management fee of 13% p.a. with Auto Balance Conversion



What are the benefits of Auto Balance Conversion?

Benefits of Auto Balance Conversion are:

  • Low Interest/ management fees rate (Effective Interest/ management fees rate 13% p.a compared to existing Credit Card/-i interest / management fees rate (15% to 18% p.a)
  • Zero Fee, there will be no processing fee and cancellation fee if full payment is made prior to maturity.
  • Hassle-Free, your outstanding Credit Card/-i balances will be automatically converted to 36 months.
  • Flexibility, allowing you an option to opt out from future conversion.


How does Auto Balance Conversion work and when does conversion happen?
  • Your Auto Balance Conversion will start upon successful enrollment which will be communicated to you via SMS or email notification to your registered mobile number or electronic Direct Mailer (eDM)
  • The outstanding balance on Credit Card/-i will be reviewed on your statement date to verify if it meets the minimum criteria for conversion
  • Your outstanding balance will be converted into 36 months instalment plan at Effective Interest/management fees rate 13% p.a
  • Your monthly payment will be reflected on your Credit Card/-i statement

For ease of understanding, please refer to the image below on the conversion flow:.

Activity Date
1st Awareness Notice 26 September
System Enrolment Date (2nd notice) 2 November
SMS or email (enrolment & opt-out option) 2 November
System Conversion Date 2 December
SMS or email (conversion & cooling period) 2 December


Eligible Cardholder

The Programme is only for Cardholders with the following criteria (“Eligible Cardholder”):

  • Malaysian with an annual income of not exceeding Ringgit Malaysia Sixty Thousand (RM60,000) as per latest Bank’s record;
  • average payment ratio for the previous twelve (12) months does not exceed 10% (i.e. for the past twelve (12) months where average payment made of 10% or less of outstanding balances);
  • consistent revolver over the past twelve (12) months (i.e. the Eligible Cardholder has not made any full payment of his statement balance over the past twelve (12) months
  • Credit Card/-i account is current and not delinquent at the point of conversion;


How do I opt out from Auto Balance Conversion programme, what will happen to my current balance of this conversion plan (if any)?

To opt out from this programme, you can call our Contact Centre at +603 2178 8888; or email
For existing Auto Balance Conversion, your monthly payment will still continue until the end of instalment payment plan period. Alternatively, you can choose to make full payment to pay off your existing Auto Balance Conversion.



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