We go beyond being just your automobile financier. With us, you will find a host of value-added features designed to ease and simplify your car ownership experience. We call it AmAUTOMate - the key to all your automotive needs!

Crafted with your car ownership journey in mind, we look forward to ensuring that you have a wonderful experience in owning your vehicle with us.

So start your journey with AmAUTOMate today!

AmAutoMate Solution is also offered by AmIslamic Bank



Large Dealer Network

Over 3,000 panel dealers in Peninsular and East Malaysia.
AmBank has long established relationship with automotive dealers for almost all prestigious brands and models. With one of the largest car dealer network, getting your car will be a breeze.

Wide Range of Financial Solutions

Arrays of financing packages are available covering both Conventional and Islamic financing, Insurance/Takaful and Credit Card.
• Fixed Rate Financing - manage your finances better by fixing your monthly instalment and repayment period.
• Step-up Financing - own your car with an affordable monthly instalment that increases progressively as your financial stature grows.
• Special packages tailor-made for your business organisation via AmBank@Work Financial Solution.
• Privilege rate for AmSignature Priority Banking customers
• Payment of your monthly instalments made easy via standing instruction/salary deduction

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Comprehensive Auto Related Insurance and Takaful Coverage

Our plans are crafted to ensure owning your dream car is not a burden.
• Motor Insurance/Takaful – AmGeneral Insurance and Kurnia Insurance. Walk into any of our 188 branches nationwide to buy/renew your motor insurance or takaful policy (in collaboration with MAA Takaful).
• AmAutoLife/AmAutoLife-i– A life plan that will take care of any outstanding amount of your car hire purchase financing, in the event of Death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD).
• AmDrive Shield – Accidents are inevitable! Eliminate your worries by protecting yourself through our AmDrive Shield Plan.

Now, you can rest assure knowing that we provide security and convenience. Click here to view On The Spot Branches.

Online Renewal

Get Free Online Loan Quotation!

If you have found the car that you’ve been looking for,or opt to refinance your car, look no further. Use our AmAUTOMate Calculator to ascertain& calculate:-
1. Market  value
2. Loan eligibility
3. Financial Terms (Rates, Tenor and Monthly Instalment).
4. Motor Insurance
5. Road Tax


Used Car Calculator

Online Application

Once you have confirmed your vehicle of choice and decide on the financial package that suits you most, take advantage of our easy, speedy and convenient financing application form, and expect to receive a fast 24-hour response service.

Simply fill in the online AmAUTOMate Application Form and our representatives will get in touch with you.

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Extensive Payment Channels

Extensive choice of payment options for speedy service and convenience:

  • Over The Counter - AmBank Branches
  • EBC (electronic Banking Channel)
    • CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) - AmBank Branches
    • ATM (Automated Teller Machine) - AmBank Branches
  • Online banking

Immediate & Convenient Road Tax and Insurance/Takaful Renewals

1. FAST - “On the Spot” Renewal - You have the privilege of instantly renewing your road tax at selected AmBank and/or AmIslamic Bank Branches with “On The Spot” capability (immediate printing of road tax sticker). Click here to view On The Spot Branches.
2. CONVENIENT via Phone - You are able to conveniently renew your road tax via phone and your Road Tax stickers will be delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours. Simply call 03-2178 8400 and speak to our AutoXpress Motor Insurance representative.
3. SIMPLE via Online - Simply fill in AutoXpress Motor Insurance online application form and our representative will contact you to guide you to complete the process.

Online Renewal


The only constant in life is change. Don't be locked down by commitments made previously. Whether you are an individual wishing to improve your monthly cash flow, or a business owner planning to raise capital for new ventures, we have the solutions to get you going.

  • Reduce Instalments
  • Cash Out
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Fleet & Equipment Refinancing
  • Attractive Terms

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AmAUTOMate Tools

Personal Loan

Life merely is a journey of defining moments, whether it’s getting married, buying a new house or continuing education, AmMoneyLine is your companion in this voyage.  It allows you to get extra cash whenever you are in need.  We have made it real quick and simple so nothing stops you from savouring the great moments in life.


How It Works

AmMoneyLine allows you to apply for loan amounts of up to 5 times your fixed income salary. It offers low monthly repayment with instalment tenure ranging from 12 to 96 months. A quick and easy approval within 48 hours to meet your financial need with no collaterals or guarantor required. Best thing is, there’s no processing fee.

Annual interest rates varies from 8.00% to 11.99% for amounts ranging from RM2,000 to RM100,000.

For more information, please see our AmMoneyLine brochure here.

Click here for the product disclosure sheet.

See the terms and conditions ( ENBM )

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Personal Financing-i

Our Personal Financing-i at AmIslamic Bank fully complies with the Shariah requirements designed specifically for your needs.


  • Based on the Shariah concept of Bai'Inah
  • No guarantor
  • Prompt approval
  • No advanced instalments required
  • Rebate on early settlement
  • Takaful coverage

View the next page for our Payment Method and Profit Rate.

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Personal Financing-i

Payment Method

  • Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA)
  • Non-Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa

Profit Rate
Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA)

  • As low as 4.30% per annum. Click here for more information.
    (revised rate w.e.f 1 September 2014)

Non-Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa

  • As low as 3.65% per annum. Click here for more information.

Home Loan

Chasing real estate prices may make it seem that owning your dream home is out of reach, maybe now is the time to do something about it.

AmBank’s unparalleled home loans will make it easier to move into your house with a range of easy and manageable repayment terms. Also with a combination of term loan and overdraft facility that comes with our home loans, enjoy flexibility in managing the size and frequency of loan repayments.

With the option to make extra repayments, you control how much interest you pay and not us. This returns the control of your finances back to where it should be. In your hands.

Download the AmHOMESolutions Brochure here.

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Home Link

Link your home loan to your current account to save more on interest. The more funds you keep in your current account, the more you stand to potentially save in interests. This integrated account is easy to monitor through a monthly consolidated statement. Best of all, you can still access your funds anytime via ATM or a cheque book whenever there is a need.

Download the AmHOMESolutions Brochure here.

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Property Loan

A simple and basic loan for commercial properties with added flexibility.

  • Option to have redraw facility.
  • Margin of financing of up to 85% (with MRTA).
  • Flexibility to accept additional repayment in excess of the monthly fixed instalments to reduce principle outstanding.
  • Daily rest interest calculation based on the reducing principle outstanding on daily basis.

It is also offered to non-individuals for financing of residential property purchases.

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Property Link

Enhanced commercial loan with linkages to a Current Account, where you can utilize the credit balance to off-set your home loan principal to enjoy greater interest savings.

  • Package with a PropertyLink current account which is linked to housing loan account.
  • Available fund in PropertyLink current account will be used to offset housing loan principle balance for daily interest computation.
  • Margin of financing of up to 85% (with MRTA).
  • Instant cash withdrawal via ATM or cheque book.

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Home Financing-i

Enjoy a fixed rate home financing and have your instalments and payment schedule fixed. Thus, you can plan your finances in advance. You can also be relieved of the effects of rate fluctuations throughout your financing tenure. Take advantage of our lower rates for the first year, and what's more, we'll waive the legal fees/stamp duty for completed and refinanced units.

  • Based on Shariah concept of Bai' Bithaman Ajil (deferred payment sale).
  • High margin of financing of up to 90%.
  • Longer payment period of up to 30 years or age 65.
  • Option to finance your Takaful Mortgage Plan (MRTT) for your own protection.
  • Easy payment via Online Banking or 24-hour e-Banking Centres nationwide.

It is also offered to non-individuals for financing of residential property purchases.

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Flexi Home Financing-i

A home financing plan that suits your lifestyle. Whether starting a family or investing for the future, our Flexi Home Financing-i plan helps you own a house the easier and more rewarding way. This Shariah compliant plan also offers a maximum-capped profit rate that allows you to enjoy market rates yet protected.

  • Based on Shariah concept of Bai' Bithaman Ajil (deferred payment sale).
  • Maximum capped profit rate.
  • Up to 95% margin of financing.
  • Up to 30 years or age 65 payment period.
  • Monthly rest profit calculation.
  • Processing fees waived (subject to Terms and Conditions)

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